Negin Software System Development (Tosan)

Tosan Company was founded in 1378 to create an independent and indigenous platform for designing and producing new products and solutions in various fields of information technology such as banking and e-government and continued to provide multiple services until 1387 under the name Kishware and then Tosan offering information technology services to the banking industry and government entities in the country
At the moment, more than 800 exceptional employees and technical professionals from many specialties are striving to provide value to Tosan clients.
Tosan solutions are in use in the majority of private banks, several state-owned banks, and the majority of the country’s financial and credit institutions. Furthermore, Tosan’s unique capabilities have been deployed in several significant national and strategic initiatives to help the system accomplish its goals and ambitions (such as the portfolio projects). Tosan’s services and solutions leverage cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to provide clients with an integrated online platform that allows them to modify and respond fast to environmental needs.
Tosan’s fame has extended beyond borders due to its successful performance in providing services throughout the country.

Foundation year 1378
AddressNo 14 , Palizvani Martyr brothers st . (the 7th ) , South gandi st.
Telephone 81298000