Tosan Technology Development (Techno)

Tosan Technology Development (Techno)

Tosan Technology Development (Techno) is an Iranian knowledge enterprise that manufactures comprehensive banking and electronic payment solutions. Its vision is to “be a leader in shaping a pleasant experience for the digital community,” and its mission is to “apply new technologies for the development of digital society. ”

The construction of a digital bank will be the pinnacle of the banking industry’s digital revolution. The organization assists banks on their digital journey by focusing on “branch transformation.” One of the key initiatives of Tosan Techno is the creation of novel alternatives for the use of new digital technologies and investment to expand the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Tosan Techno’s most important technical approach in the field of transformation in bank branches includes video-based virtual banking services on the VTM and mobile channels and a full self-governing solution (cash machine) with more than 95 percent market share.

The purpose of the Tosan Techno manufacturing site is to diversify production in response to market demands and update technical and engineering skills and the supply chain to increase the rate of local manufacturing of banking machines and electronic payment terminals. Tosan Techno aims to deliver unique and appealing specialized services to banks and organizations in Iran that provide electronic payment services.

The company has invested in fintech such as “Shop” and Moneytech” with the purpose of building companies based on financial technologies.

Foundation year 1389
Address south-forth , No25,west Haghtalab (the 26 of west ) , Saadat Abad Boulevard
Telephone 42061000