Sakkook was founded to develop and expand the country’s e-commerce platform. One of the company’s activities is the development of the “National Business to Business System” as a platform for e-commerce of the country’s small, micro, and medium enterprises. Along with its other services, this platform provides supply chain financing and transportation management in addition to creating business-to-business infrastructure.

Sakkook is designed and operated to achieve an inclusive business-to-business ecosystem by establishing a national structure with international connections, including modern e-commerce infrastructure, modern financial and credit infrastructure, and advanced logistics infrastructure.


  • Online sales infrastructure
  • Cutting-edge financial and credit infrastructure
  • First-rate logistics infrastructure
  • Infrastructure to promote knowledge and education access

Sakkook has three parts:

• Business-to-Business (B2B)

• Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

• The Customer Loyalty club

In which member business units in the relevant sections can conduct all types of transactions, including cash, non-cash, and conditional transactions, using a variety of payment instruments such as credit card, debit card, cryptocurrency, and electronic bill of exchange.
The system of exchange of goods and services is based on the supplier as one party and the applicant of such goods and services as the other.

• Marketing and training assistance

• Cloud computing services

• Supply Cycle Financial Services (SCF)

• Supply Chain Management Services (SCM)

• Logistics and Transportation Services (LM)

• Legal, commercial, investment, and consulting services

Foundation Year1394
Address1st floor , 6th unit , no.57 ,west Armaghan st , across from Mellat park , Valiasr st.
Telephone 87630000