“Sepandar” is the realization of the idea of ​​using information and communication technologies in other fields. Electronic toll collection (ETC) has been practiced in the developed world for many years. This issue was first planned and implemented in Iran, first limitedly and then extensively.
In 1396, Sepandar Consortium was formed with the presence of seven companies. After winning the consortium in the call published by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and signing a memorandum of understanding between the members of the consortium and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the new payment system company in the country’s freeways (Sepandar) was born.
On March 17, 1396, the Sepandar project company was registered with the permission of the governing board. Finally, the contract for this project was concluded in 1397 between “Sepandar” and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.

“Sepandar” began with the goal of electronic toll payment on all of the country’s freeways. Today, however, with the facilities that this project provides to its primary stakeholders, it has become the best tool for developing the capacities of the country’s freeway network at a lower cost, greater productivity, and more efficient methods in the field of traffic management.
Among the numerous possibilities of this system in traffic management and optimal management of national resources is the ability to calculate tolls based on distance traveled, traffic time, payment time, or type of license plate.

Foundation year 1396
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