Zamin Hooshmand Ayandeh

Zamin Hooshmand Ayandeh

With the vision of developing agriculture and smart environments in Iran, “Zamin Hooshmand Ayandeh” has defined its mission to provide solutions based on new technologies in agriculture and the environment. It comprises four sections of Design thinking, software, hardware, and machinery departments in the field of environment and agriculture

due to Controlled-environment agriculture’s economic and environmental benefits, “Zamin Hooshmand Ayandeh” provides contract management for smart greenhouse projects ranging from zero to one hundred. Among the services offered by the company are:

  • The preparation of a justification plan
  • The determination of a cultivation pattern
  • Technical designs
  • Greenhouse construction management

Because of the significance of Iranian gardens and the promotion of their productivity, “Zamin Hooshmand Ayandeh” also works following the concept of smart gardens.

This company’s other solutions include:

  • Equipping cultivation with intelligent devices to control all climatic factors and nutrition and irrigation
  • Providing nutrition and phytosanitary advice
  • Marketing consulting
  • Exporting products for greenhouses and gardens

“Zamin Hooshmand Ayandeh” is “Hermisan’s” official and sole representative in Iran. Hermisan brand has become a world-renowned brand after forty years of automation of irrigation, nutrition, and climate control in gardens and greenhouses. Irrigation and feeding automation reduces input costs while increasing crop yield. Intelligent greenhouse climate control also saves energy and money.

Smart Land Company has developed direct relationships with agricultural experts in various fields to provide the highest levels of agricultural consulting with diverse knowledge in its hardware department.

Furthermore, based on the holding’s 20-year history in information technology, this company is the first specialized agricultural software company active in IT Master Plan, Farming MIS, Mobile Farming, and specialized software in the fields of agriculture and environment.

Foundation year 1394
Adress North unit , 1st floor ,No ,28,khaliizadeh st ,Vanak square