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Tec Vesta Technology Investors Company, known as Tecvest, was founded in 1389 to develop products and provide new solutions in various fields of information technology such as banking and e-government. We strive to create contemporary literature on entrepreneurship and investment engagement to develop and complement our service value chain, based on two decades of cutting-edge IT business experience.

We know that the wave of digital transformation has brought about fundamental changes in technology, society, and business models throughout the years, that a company’s size and lengthy history would not solely ensure its growth and thrive, and that the only organizations that can survive are the ones that adapt to the new conditions and innovations.
In almost all cases, failure results from resistance and inflexibility to this wave of change.

We realize the positive effects and consequences of information technology in industries other than financial services, banking, and payment, such as e-commerce, communications, energy, tourism, and agriculture, in tandem with the wave of digital transformation. As one of the key actors, we want to build a better future with our fellow thinkers by creating a long-term partnership opportunity in this space based on our experience and knowledge. We are here to take an active and entrepreneurial role in developing ICT-based businesses.

A prosperous future, enhanced economic efficiency and effectiveness, and the promise of a more pleasant and dignified life for the people of this land

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Board of Directors

Mohammad Fatemi

CEO & Member of the Board

Aliakbar Namdari

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Ruhollah Lohrabian

‌Chairman of the Board