Smart Future E-Commerce (Behin Mart)

Smart Future E-Commerce (Behin Mart)

Smart Future E-Commerce Company was founded by Tosan Group in 1395 as a start-up company, implementing projects in payment, e-commerce, ongoing deals, and discount network to innovate providing welfare services to employees and create suitable conditions and infrastructure to benefit them. Organizations were formed to introduce their services and develop the market of other businesses in this field. Over the last year, with the expansion of their area of activity, they have begun to expand their customer base. 

Ayandeh Smart E-Commerce Company has created agile processes to serve organizational customers and provide employee welfare services through its employees’ active participation and network of business partners.

The company’s use of new solutions and technologies has resulted in the provision of services and the sale of goods in response to the complex needs of customers. The company’s unique conditions and validation facilitate this win-win relationship.

Ayandeh Smart E-Commerce Company maintains its position as one of the top ten innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in providing welfare services management solutions in the B2B market, backed by a comprehensive portfolio of services and credit terms.

Foundation year1395
Address First floor , unit 4 , No , 57 , west Armaghan st. , Across from Melat park , Valiasr st .
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